Clarity Call with Coach Bose


This call is designed to give you clarity on the presenting problems, get a grasp of what coaching will offer you and be able to decide if we are a good fit.


It is the first step in our coaching relationship, but in no way commits you to going any further​.



I am a marriage coach who partners with those who want to take their relationship from hurting to thriving. When your relationship has gone stale or causing you pain and you are at your wit's end, I work with you to resolve conflict, improve communication, understand each other and deepen intimacy.

After helping singles and couples for over two decades in designing their path to happily ever after, I know what it takes to have thriving and peaceful relationships. I believe that by learning to do relationship the right way, you can enjoy true bliss and happiness.

I will love to connect with you!

Why Coaching

Couples coaching helps couples create a strong bond and lasting partnership. It focuses on helping one or both partners in a relationship to improve their connection by improving specific aspects such as communication, responding better to each other’s needs, as well as setting and achieving goals together. It inspires you to take action and change your life– quickly and with tangible results.

My Coaching Approach


My coaching approach is solution focused. I don't fix people; My aim is to help you gain self-awareness, take personal responsibility and map out a plan for change.


With these, you will be motivated and energized to tackle the challenge at hand while giving you the needed support. At the end, your relationship will thrive.





Hear from my clients....

Our sessions were very engaging, as she has a bubbly personality . The topics covered were all very relatable and it helped to highlight things to be mindful of in Marriage.

J & A

The sessions were sooooo practical and insightful. Coach Bose is really down to earth and ever willing to help.

Funmi Michael-agbi

Practical, insightful, painfully honest and soul piercing but profoundly loving and empathetic.




Clarity Call

A 1 hour voice call to help you gain clarity about the presenting problem.


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