Marriage Make-Over Program

Create an exciting and intimate relationship, rekindle the spark and enjoy the marital bliss you’ve always dreamed of…...

Come on board our couple’s relationships coaching program.


  • You didn’t do premarital counseling and feel counseling will help your marriage

  • You need marriage check-up to improve the health of your marriage

  • You are losing interest in each other and married life has become boring

  • Your partner has withdrawn or shut down emotionally

  • You feel something is missing and don’t really know what

  • You desire to take your relationship to a higher level of fulfillment

  • Marriages in distress

No Matter What You're Going Through In Your Relationship, Your Relationship Struggles Can Be Fixed

What We'll Do Together

  • Create a Secure emotional connection so you can communicate loveingly and effectively

  • Help identify any unhealthy patterns that may be sabotaging your efforts

  • Making your needs met. Finally, you’ll feel fulfilled in your relationship.

  • Build a zone of safety and trust inside your relationship that promotes intimacy and warmth between you.

  •         Help you achieve ‘we are a team’ mindset


  • Create an inspiring vision and path that keeps you both excited about the future you’re moving towards.

  • Feel deeply understood: Truly ‘get’ each other’s world, motives and differing perspectives, by understanding and appreciating each your unique personality traits.

Why You Should Work With Me.

Your marriage is definitely precious to you that is why you desire to make it better. Just like your health, you won’t want to allow a quack use your body for experiment. You need someone with skill and experience, somebody with a proven track record.

My marriage counseling/relationship coaching practice has a solid reputation for fixing relationships and marriages. In the end, that is the only reason you should consider me as your relationship coach.

  • Take the next steps…

  • The Marriage makeover program is a ​four (4) session coaching program of 60mins each.

  • The bundle price is $300

  • Duration ​(One) 1 months.

  • You owe it to yourself to enjoy a happy marriage, make the investment today….

We had communication problems and have tried therapy in the past without much difference being made. After working with Coach Bose, we got practical ideas that facilitated better communication. The sessions provided opportunity for self-reflection and offered motivation for change. She kept us accountable and we experienced positive changes in a short period.

O. A (USA)

Our challenge in the marriage was that I found it difficult communicating intimately with my spouse and that affected other areas of our marriage. We had prayed endlessly but we knew we had to get someone to give us practical steps to combine with our faith. We contacted Coach Bose and that proved to be a very wise move for us. I felt very comfortable and relaxed and was able to open up to her. She listened without prejudice and has a knack for helping you see things from each other’s perspective. The sessions were calm, enjoyable and funny.

B.B (Canada)​

Coach Bose has helped me sort through deeply rooted pain that was affecting my marriage and stealing my joy. I’m happy I reached out for help. Pls, it’s never too late to talk to a professional, do not suffer in silence. Thanks Coach Bose.

N. I. (Nigeria) ​

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