Save your marriage before it starts!

Committing to a long-term relationship can be fun and challenging. You love each other, Yes! In this program, you learn how to live with each other and how to work as a team.


Having a clear sense of yourselves as ‘individuals in a couple unit’ forms the basis of your future life together.

This program will assist you in the development of the skills needed for an enduring relationship.

It comprises of eight sessions and is designed to draw out shared values, ideals, expectations and any issues that may need resolution.

Couples are asked to fill out questionnaires to help them think about all aspects of their relationship. The coach facilitates a review of the results and a discussion of what emerges for each person in relation to the other. It is important to prepare for the challenges that inevitably arise when people live together and share their lives.


With this program, couples can begin to build a healthy, strong relationship that helps provide a healthier foundation for their union. It will help couples of any gender, race, or religion identify and address potential areas of conflict in their relationship. Additionally, it can prevent small issues from escalating into serious concerns at some point in the future, helps identify expectations for the marriage and address any significant differences.

What I learnt will definitely last me a lifetime. The teachings are simple and applicable to our daily lives. Am grateful to Coach Bose for giving us the necessary information and guide to a successful marriage.


My experience has been one of deep illumination and exposure. The sessions exposed my ignorance and knowledge bias on so many fundamental areas in marriage, including but not limited to communication, personality differences, love language and financial matters. I strongly recommend Coach Bose to intending and already married couples.


Our sessions were very engaging, as she has a bubbly personality. The topics covered were all very relatable and it helped to highlight things to be mindful of in Marriage.


We were very keen on speaking to a progressive pre-wedding coach without religious undertones; and our friends recommended the perfect woman for the job. It was refreshing to have advice that was void of the typical stereotypes.

It was an enlightening series of sessions and My partner and I will definitely be referring her to our friends!

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